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Just finished watching the episode and damn it's nuts.

The episode begins just as the last one ends with Nyssa arriving and wanting to know what happened to Sara. However she tells Oliver and his gang that Malcolm Merlyn is still alive. In hopes of bringing Sara's killer to justice, Oliver teams up with Nyssa to stop the Dark Archer but Laurel feels that she's at fault because Sara was with the League of Assassins. While that happens, Oliver adn Roy try their hardest to make amends with Thea but when all is said and done, will Oliver be able to break his oath and do what is necessary to avenge Sara?

Well what I can say is the episode's action packed. There's a lot of action and seeing Nyssa in action is as deadly as seeing the Dark Archer. Can I mention that Malcolm Merlyn is now back for this season? Yep. He's back. Who knows what that guy will do. The guy was a pain in the butt in the last two seasons. Season One he brought a lot of hell to Starling City and season two, his actions (even though he appeared very little) tore the family apart. He reunited with his daughter and as we saw last episode on how she trainer her is a bad sign. Very bad. Although what happened in the end is enough to make me say... this season is going to be freaking epic. I swear it. It's epic. I will mention that its the first time Oliver has kept his oath. Since the end of Season 2, Oliver vowed never to kill again. To think he wouldn't do it on someone that brought hell to the city is something I never thought would happen.

I'm also happy to see Thea and Roy together again. Not to mention Oliver mending with his sister too. It's always nice to see people together again but I know for certain that may not last.

There's also a subplot with Laurel as she wants to train to be stronger. We know that she wants to avenge her sister but I feel that it's only going to be enough to drive her to more sorrow. Revenge isn't worth it and we know ultimately she's going to be the new Black Canary. Let's hope that whatever she does, she doesn't put anyone at harm's way. I forgot to say that last episode, Laurel wanted Oliver to train her but he refused. I guess we now understand what choice she's made.

Final score for The Magician is a 9 out of 10. An action packed episode that's intense, provides a lot of development, action and an ending that will surprise you. I'm not kidding.

That's it for this week. Next week... a virus breaks Starling City apart. Will Arrow and his team be able to stop it before its too late?
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I'm unhappy that Capcom has turned into a monster. I mean, they closed out the PS2 era on a high note with Okami and started the seventh generation so great (and promisingly) with the first Dead Rising game, and kept that momentum up so well with the releases of the first Lost Planet game, Zack and Wiki, Umbrella Chronicles, and Devil May Cry 4! Not to mention Mega Man 9 and 10. Also, Bionic Commando: ReARMED. But then they started slapping On-Disc DLC in Resident Evil 5. I think it was when they started screwing over customers with the practice. They even rebooted Devil May Cry for no reason! And they keep releasing so many versions of Street Fighter 4 and cramming On-Disc DLC into that,and they ruined Resident Evil with the 6th game. But you're right. The biggest sin Capcom has created in recent times has been neglecting their official mascot, Mega Man. I mean, Mega Man is what they put the company on the map for many! And now they don't want him anymore?! That's just painful. And very sad.

I think 2008 was the last year in the seventh generation that Capcom was still good. I think it began washing its hands of its former self with Resident Evil 5 in 2009. Now, it's just following the same model that Activision and EA are doing. At least Nintendo is still giving us quality games and all, and there are indie developers, too. Thanks for reading this comment.
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