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August 31, 2011
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Mega Man RA (Part of Mega Man: Reawakened)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fan-created Move List

Gender: Male

Voice Actor (EN): Ian James Corlett (Ruby-Spears Mega Man)

Voice Actor (JP): Fuyuka Oura (Ryuusei no Rockman)

Game Series: Mega Man

Theme Song: Rockman 2 Title (We are ROCK-MEN!):…

Stamina: 925,000 HP Points

Power Ranking (Out of 7)

Intelligence: 5

Power: 6

Speed: 5

Energy Projection: 6

Fighting Ability: 5

Durability: 6

Mega Man was once Robert Light, a human being with a gifted mind. When his life was lost due to Dr. Wily's robot Bass, his grandfather Dr. Light and a few other scientists revived him as a humanoid (part robot/part human). As the Blue Bomber, he now fights to save the world from the evil Dr. Wily. He fights for his family especially his wife Tron Bonne and his young son, Anthony. He will not rest until evil like Dr. Wily are taken down. He is Mega Man and this is his fight for the fate of two worlds.

Entrance: He beams down from the sky in a blue light. After hitting the ground, he materializes and gears himself for combat.

Special Entrance (if Tron Bonne leads): Tron Bonne appears with Mega Man beside him on her Gustaff. Mega Man plants a kiss on her cheek and gets off the Gustaff ready to do battle alongside his wife.

Entrance Quotes

1) "Systems optimized. Battle mode engaged."

2) "I hope you're willing to put up a decent fight."

3) "If you fight as well as you open your mouth, then this won't take long."

4) "Finally… the Blue Bomber enters the ring."

5) "I carry the legacy of my brothers behind me. I won't lose to you!"

Special Entrance Quotes

If DLC Alt is used: "Sizzling circuits! Why am I back in my old armor?"

Vs. Female Characters (except Tron): "If my wife saw me with any of you, she'd kill me so let's make this fast."

Vs. Villain Characters: "I'm giving you a chance to surrender. Don't make me use extensive force."

Vs. Arthur: "Your time has come and gone. Time to go into retirement, old man!"

Response: "I still have some fight left in me boy. Engarde!"

Vs. Frank West: "Oh come on! Can the press give me a break for a change?"

Response: "I've always wanted to get a shot of you. Can you strike a pose?"

Vs. Nemesis T-Type: "Bio-organic atrocity! You must perish!"

Response: Nemesis simply roars…

Vs. Phoenix Wright: "Court's in session Mr. Wright. Get ready for a whipping."

Response: "I'm afraid I must file disorderly conduct on your behavior."

Vs. Tron: "Give me all you got Tron. I won't hold back!"

Response: "You better not go easy on me, you hear?"

Vs. Zero: "Overrated piece of crap! I'm going to enjoy wrecking you."

Vs. Zero (if DLC Alt is used): "You can't fool me Zero even with a disguise like that."

Response: "I really don't want to get in your face but you leave me no choice."

Vs. Deadpool: "I'm looking forward to making sure you shut the hell up. Let's go!"

Response: "Look who finally decided to show up… its Rockman!"

Vs. Galactus: (responds second) "I will not let you destroy this planet. Prepare yourself!"

Response: (he speaks first) "Even if you have all the power in the universe, nothing can stand against Galactus."

Vs. Hawkeye: "If all you do is brag about yourself, I look forward to giving you a beat down."

Response: "I can do more than just brag kid. Bring it on!"

Vs. Iron Man: "Interesting armor there. Tell me, what's your secret?"

Response: "Sorry kid but my armor is not for sale."

Vs. Nova: "I hear you're short on new members for your group. You hiring?"

Response: "You got what it takes to join the Nova Corps? Show me."

Vs. Rocket Raccoon: "Hey, I know you. Don't tell me you're going solo here?"

Response: "I'm not from… you know what, I'm going to enjoy tearing your carcass apart for saying that."

Vs. Sentinel: "I spotted an unknown enemy robot. Proceeding with caution."

Response: "Unregistered entry detected. Commencing offensive attack."

Vs. Taskmaster: "You must be the guy I've heard so much about. Time to see your skills put to the test."

Response: "Never seen you before but, whatever. Let's go!"


Standing Normal Moves

Light: Left Jab punch (40,000)

Medium: Roundhouse kick (55,000)

Heavy: Mega Buster (65,000)

Special: Handstand Kick (90,000)

Crouching Normal Moves

Light: Left Jab punch (38,000)

Medium: Low reverse kick (53,000)

Heavy: Charge Kick (79,000)

Aerial Normal Moves

Light: Left elbow (37,000)

Medium: Back leg roundhouse (56,000)

Heavy: Mega Buster (65,000)

Special: Double-handed overhead smash (97,000)

Grab Moves

Forward + Heavy: Three punches followed by a Mega Buster shot. Mega Buster shot is a hard knockdown. (12,000 for 3 punches plus 18,000 for Buster shot = 48,000 total)

Back + Heavy: Punch to the stomach, knee to the head then goes behind opponent firing a Mega Buster shot on their backs. Mega Buster shot is soft knockdown. (14,000 for punch, 13,000 for kick, 18,000 for Buster shot = 45,000 total)

Aerial Grab Moves

Forward + Heavy: Gets close firing five rapid-fire buster shots. The fifth sends the opponent flying forward causing a wall bounce. (11,000 for each rapid fire shot = 55,000 total)

Back + Heavy: Reverse kick to the head, punch to the stomach, does a leapfrog kick and finishes with a Mega Buster shot. (12,000 for reverse kick, 15,000 for punch, 7,000 for leapfrog kick and 16,000 for Buster shot = 50,000 total)

Unique Moves

Reverse Elbow Strike: Forward + Medium on the ground (52,000)

Enhanced Charge Kick: While crouching, hold Heavy for at least 2 seconds then release. (Regular = 70,000, 1-second charge = 85,000, 2-second charge = 100,000)

Double Jump: During Rush Super Adapter, tap Up after a jump.

Air Dash: During Rush Super Adapter, tap Forward or Back after a jump.

Hovering: During Rush Super Adapter, QCB + Special in mid-air. Lasts 3 seconds.

Special Moves

Mega Buster (Type: Shot, Heavy Attack) (70,000 for regular. 86,000 for 1-second charge. 104,000 for 2-second charge.)

The Mega Buster is Mega Man RA's signature projectile attack. It is fired in a straight arc and can be fired up to three times. It has good zoning and can be used defensively. Has good chip damage and can be used for combos. If the button is held down, the move can be set up for a charge shot. Mega can also perform a charge shot by holding down the button for at least 2 seconds and then releasing it. The 2-second charge shot is a soft knockdown and it can also be used in mid-air.

Mega Uppercut (Type: Direct, Z-Motion Forward + Attack) (40,000 for Light, 62,000 for Medium and 81,000 for Heavy)

Mega performs an uppercut that was once used by his original counterpart from Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2. Light is a short uppercut that high invincibility frames making it very safe on block. Medium goes slightly diagonal having moderate invincibility and recovery flames. Heavy has the highest reach going diagonally upwards but has little to no invincibility making it easy to punish.

Blade Slash (Type: Direct, QCB + Attack) (35,000 for Light, 58,000 for Medium and 72,000 for Heavy)

Turning his hand into a blade, Mega performs a slash attack on his opponents. Light is an overhead slash that hits off the ground. Medium is a mid-range wide slash called that causes a hard knockdown. Heavy is a thrusting pierce that causes a wall bounce.

Weapon Change (Type Extra, Attack + Special)

Mega presses a button on his arm giving him access to three different special weapons. Light gives him access to the Triple Bomb. Medium unlocks the Ring Boomerang and Heavy enables the Jewel Satellite. The unique thing about this move is that it's instant and allows him to cancel this into another move of his choosing.

Special Weapon (Type: Various, QCF + Attack) (14,000 x 3 = 42,000 for Triple Bomb, 50,000 for Ring Boomerang and 16,000 x 4 = 64,000 for Jewel Satellite)

Mega uses one of three different special weapons against his opponent. The attack is determined by what weapon he has access.

Triple Bomb gives him access to a three-bomb cluster. It can be kicked or punched to give it added distance but the bomb will detonate after 3 seconds. Light fires close, Medium fires moderate and Heavy fires far.

Ring Boomerang is a disc-shaped ring that hits the opponent and then nails them again on the return trip. Light fires low hitting off the ground, Medium fires forward and Heavy fires diagonally upwards. This move can also be used in the air.

Jewel Satellite is used as a defensive shield. More powerful than the Leaf Shield, it can withstand up to 6 normal hits but it can't withstand hyper combos. The button pressed after the move is activated determines the speed. Light is fired at a slow pace, Medium fires average and Heavy goes fast. All three will always hit four times no matter what button used. This move can also be used in the air.

Lightanium Charge (Type: Extra, Down twice + Attack)

Mega enters a stance causing his internal lightanium core to build up with energy. During this stance, his hyper gauge begins to increase at a rapid pace. This move is similar to Thor's Mighty Taunt and Felicia's Cat Charge. It can be cancelled at any time by releasing the Attack button but can be easily punished if used carelessly. If used properly, he can have plenty of meter needed to dish out heavy damage.


Alpha (α) – Mega Buster (Type: Shot, Direction: Front): Mega Man fires a charged Mega Buster shot that hits twice. He appears behind the opponent when the move is performed. (During Rush Super Adapter hyper, Rocket Buster)

Assist Hyper - Program Advance: GigaCannon

Beta (β) – Blade Slash (Type: Direct, Direction: Tilt Down): Mega Man does the light version of Blade Slash. Hits off the ground and is very useful. (During Rush Super Adapter hyper, enhanced Blade Slash)

Assist Hyper - Program Advance: GigaCannon

Gamma (γ) – Special Weapon (Type: Various, Direction: Front): Mega Man fires a medium version of his special weapon. The weapon used depends on what he has access to. (During Rush Super Adapter hyper, Rocket Buster)

Assist Hyper - Program Advance: GigaCannon

Hyper Combos

Program Advance: GigaCannon (Type: Direct, QCF + 2 Attacks) (Level 1) (10,000 x 35 = 315,000)

Mega Man turns both his hands into a powerful cannon attack. It is fired in a straight arc hitting up to 35 times. The move can only be evaded if the opponent is either behind him or in mid-air. When that happens, Mega is vulnerable to a counterattack. It's best used after an off the ground assist or a light Blade Slash. With multiple button presses, the damage is increased and the hits double to about 65-70 hits.

Four Elements (Type: Front, Z-Motion Forward + 2 Attacks) (Level 1) (8,500 x 32 = 272,000 + 25,000 x 4 = 100,000 = 372,000 total)

Mega turns his hand into a long blade to perform a multi-hit sword attack on the opponent. He attacks using blades that consist of four different elements: Fire, Water, Electric and Nature. Using each of these four elements, he can strike the opponent up to 8 hits for a total of 32 hits. After that, he finishes them off with a powerful 4-hit Elemental Strike. This is Mega Man RA's most powerful Level 1 hyper and is very useful for finishing off an opponent.

Rush Super Adapter (Type: Extra, Down twice + 2 Attacks) (Level 1)

Mega's faithful dog Rush combines with his partner to become Super Mega Man. In this form, all of Mega Man's special attacks are enhanced increasing in hits and damage. He also gets access to a double jump, air dash and hover. He can use his Mega Buster but his charged shot is replaced with the Rocket Buster. The Rocket Buster lets Mega fire his fist at his foes for serious damage. Mega has access to the Super Adapter for 20 seconds and after that, he reverts to normal. But if the move is used and a DHC is used, his assists are enhanced.

Brothers in Arms (Type: Direct, QCB + 2 Attacks) (Level 3) (7,000 x 6 = 42,000 + 18,000 x 25 = 375,000 + 158,000 for final hit = 650,000 total)

Mega starts off by thrusting forward performing a reverse spin kick. If the kick connects, he performs a 6-hit combo followed by a somersault kick sending the opponent flying. Various version of Mega Man appear and attack the opponent totaling 25 hits. Multiple button presses can boost the damage and double the hits to about 48-52 hits. They then take the silver-armored Mega Man (PAL Mega Man 2 version) and use him as a projectile. With that done, all the Mega Man versions power up and unleash a powerful multi Charge Shot giving the silver Mega Man Nova Strike-like properties. The end result causes the opponent to be hit by the powered up Mega Man and suffer massive damage. Though this Level 3 hyper is very strong, it leaves him vulnerable if it is evaded or blocked. It's best used after an off the ground assist or after activating X-Factor provided you have at least 4 levels of meter.

Victory Poses

Normal: Mega Man RA performs a few punches, kicks and after looking at the camera rushes straight at it ready to fire at the screen.

Special: If Tron Bonne is in your team, Mega does his normal pose but is interrupted. Tron Bonne glomps him from behind, so he lifts her up and she kisses his cheek. Mega simply smiles confidently at the camera.

Victory Quotes

1) "They don't call me a Super Fighting Robot for nothing."

2) "I am the Blue Bomber… remember that!"

3) "Guess you aren't that much of a challenge huh? Pitiful."

4) "Revived, reborn, reawakened! That's Mega Man for ya."

5) "Do you know who the hell I am?"

Special Victory Quotes

If DLC Alt is used: "Plasma power… wow, that line never gets old."

Win Vs. Female Characters (except Tron): "Sorry ladies… but I'm already taken and hitched."

Win Vs. Villain Characters: "I warned you. Now you'll pay for your crimes."

Win Vs. Arthur: "Consider yourself retired. Your time has passed."

Lose Vs. Arthur: "Perhaps it should be you who should retire."

Win Vs. Frank West: "Consider it lucky I didn't break your camera bub. I hate paparazzi."

Win Vs. Frank West (if DLC Alt is used): "Me and my brothers give you our blessings. Wear that armor well with pride."

Lose Vs. Frank West: "I hope I still get a picture of you. No hard feelings ya know?"

Win Vs. Nemesis T-Type: "You want S.T.A.R.S? I'll give you S.T.A.R.S."

Lose Vs. Nemesis T-Type: Nemesis simply roars

Win Vs. Phoenix Wright: "My verdict for you Nick… guilty as charged."

Lose Vs. Phoenix Wright: "I look forward to dealing with you in court."

Win Vs. Tron: "You did your best. I hope you can forgive me."

Lose Vs. Tron: "Looks like I win, darling."

Win Vs. Zero: "Go back to Mega Man Zero 5 oh wait… you're already dead."

Win Vs. Zero (If DLC Alt is used): "Never… wear that disguise in front of my face again."

Lose Vs. Zero: "You should know better than to pick a fight with me."

Win Vs. Deadpool: "That should shut you up for a little while… until I beat you down again."

Lose Vs. Deadpool: "Guess you weren't cut out for this type of fight. Sucks to be you, kid."

Win Vs. Galactus: "Thank god… it's finally over."

Win Vs. Hawkeye: "You're all bark and no bite. No wonder you are weak."

Lose Vs. Hawkeye: "I guess the one who's smug around here is you, blue boy."

Win Vs. Iron Man: "Time to talk Stark. I want to know everything about your armor and technology."

Lose Vs. Iron Man: "You really don't want to remind myself of the Armor Wars now would you?"

Win Vs. Nova: "Guess this means that I'm a part of the Nova Corps now right?"

Lose Vs. Nova: "I'd consider to let you join but as of now… forget it."

Win Vs. Rocket Raccoon: "Go back to saving galaxies pal. At least there you still have a day job."

Lose Vs. Rocket Raccoon: "Refer me by that term one more time and I'm going to rip open a new one you bilge rat."

Win Vs. Sentinel: "Time I found out who built this hunk of junk."

Lose Vs. Sentinel: "Target neutralized. Initiating capture mode and analysis."

Win Vs. Taskmaster: "So many different skills yet they aren't useful to take me down. Such a shame."

Lose Vs. Taskmaster: "At least my skills are put into better use… like kicking your ass for instance."

Victory Text

1) "There's a reason why I carry this namesake. It's to honor my brothers who wear it with pride. I promise to make all of them proud."

2) "All this fighting… it's enough to make me sick. What I want to know is when will it end? My guess it'll never end as long as evil exists."

3) "Whether I'm a hero, a celebrity, a household name, a prodigy, a husband or a dad, one thing is perfectly clear. I am a Mega Man and that's all that matters."

4) "I am Mega Man… and this is my story."

5) "I wonder what hurts you more huh? Getting bashed by my fists or feeling the fury of plasma energy? Either way, you got owned and you'll have to live with that."

6) "Fighting you guys here makes tackling Wily look like a cakewalk. Nothing ever changes but still, I wish there was more of a challenge to this."

7) "I wonder what my kid will think of me if he heard that I was going up against guys like these? He wouldn't believe me for sure. Trust me, I know."

8) "I've been given many different names over the years. I really could care less about them though. For now, I'll stick with what I have always been given from the beginning and that's Mega Man."

Special Victory Text

If DLC Alt is used: "I feel a sense of familiarity wearing this armor. It reminds me of the good old days when my brothers were popular and we were loved. Those are the days… I can't say the same for now though."

Win Vs. Villain Characters: "As long as people like you continue to bring fear and harm to people, I will always be there to stop you. I will keep fighting… for everlasting peace if I have to."

Win Vs. Arthur: "Time for retirement old man. You've had your fight for way too long. This is where the big boys play. But I ain't here to play because I'm here to fight."

Lose Vs. Arthur: "You carry anger in your heart and with it, it blinded you to defeat. Even with all the skill you carry, you'll never protect those dear to you with power like that."

Win Vs. Frank West: "I have no hate for you but the paparazzi is what gets me irritated. Maybe it's because I'm a well-known hero that is because of this. If you want an interview with me, ask when I'm not getting swamped by annoying reporters. Nothing personal."

Lose Vs. Frank West: "Never thought I'd see the legendary Blue Bomber in action. If you ever wake up from that beat down, would you care for an interview? It would really help to have your picture in my collection."

Win Vs. Nemesis T-Type: "Damn, that's one nasty monstrosity right here. At least once I'm done with you I'll make sure that you never harm innocents again. God, seeing you makes me want to puke my guts out."

Lose Vs. Nemesis T-Type: Nemesis simply roars…

Win Vs. Phoenix Wright: "You are charged with getting yourself involved in a fight that you couldn't win. I hereby sentence your dumb cocky spiky-haired ass to probation… in a hospital. Hope this can help you think about your life choices."

Lose Vs. Phoenix Wright: "I have nothing about you but you are very violent with your behavior and your attitude. I really hope you get a good lawyer to get yourself out of this mess. Don't count on me to get you out of it though."

Win Vs. Tron: "I guess I still got it… I hope our marriage doesn't go in the gutter after this. Besides, you mean everything to me and I don't want our son to suffer because of it. Should have gotten easier on you."

Lose Vs. Tron: "I guess me winning helped make us stronger didn't it? No wonder I love you Robert Light… unless you went easy on me. Because if you did went easy on me, I promise that you will not like me when I'm mad."

Win Vs. Zero: "You've been stealing the spotlight from my brother ever since you showed your pathetic hide. I'm making sure that he gets the respect he rightfully deserves… by getting rid of you. Oh, I will have a field day ripping you apart."

Lose Vs. Zero: "The way you're acting tells me that you're not like X one bit. You may have the name "Mega Man" but you are a Maverick in my eyes and it is my duty to eliminate Mavericks. Just be grateful I let you live with your life because unlike X, I won't hesitate to get rid of you."

Win Vs. Deadpool: "If it isn't this much to ask… SHUT THE HELL UP! Damn it man, would it kill you for one minute to keep that mouth of yours shut. You really don't want me to kick your ass again. Trust me, I will do it if you open it again. I warn you… don't test me."

Lose Vs. Deadpool: "Dude, you really don't have what it takes anymore. Why don't you go back to being simplistic and not difficult. I swear, why are games like you always so hard? There should be an easy mode or something."

Win Vs. Hawkeye: "I can never understand why people like you exist. It baffles me but at least I'm relieved that I took out a punk like you. You know, I should take your place and join the Avengers. I'll show them what I am capable of. Maybe I can do better than what you can, Clint Barton."

Lose Vs. Hawkeye: "Like I said, I make any team better whether it's the Avengers, Defenders, Thunderbolts, etc. And I'm no showoff either because I'm that damn good. You however, make any team look bad, no worse. Stick to the pros when it comes to heroics okay?"

Win Vs. Iron Man: "Your technology would be so beneficial toward my grandfather's company. I'm willing to make an offer you can't refuse and trust me I'll pay a lot to make sure of it. So tell me Mr. Stark… are you ready to talk business?"

Lose Vs. Iron Man: "Kid, your design is one of a kind. I'm not kidding because I see great potential with you. Stick with what you have and I promise you that you'll get far. Besides, there's no need for copycats right?"

Win Vs. Nova: "I know what the Nova Corps is all about and I promise you that I will not let you down. So tell me, do you think I'm worthy to join the Nova Corps? If I am, I will give it my all to protect the universe and all life that exists within it."

Lose Vs. Nova: "On second thought, maybe I should give you a chance but only because you proved to be someone who can put up a good fight. You better hope that you can keep up with me. Don't make me regret my decision. You got that?"

Win Vs. Rocket Raccoon: "For a minute, I thought you looked like a fox for sure. Guess you're not like that mercenary I heard so much about. At least you put up a hell of a fight. You just earned my respect Mr. Raccoon."

Lose Vs. Rocket Raccoon: "You talk tough for a little brat however you're nothing but a measly joke. At least unlike other people, I've saved the galaxy many times over. After all, I am one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I can't say the same for you though."

Win Vs. Sentinel: "Bolivar Trask… who is this guy? Is he the one responsible for creating these menacing robots? This can be disastrous. I got to find him before more of these freaks start causing trouble. I don't want Wily getting access to these designs."

Lose Vs. Sentinel: "Target identified as Mega Man RA. New information: Mega Man RA created by Dr. Thomas Light. Must capture Dr. Light to obtain secrets of robot design."

Win Vs. Taskmaster: "All these different abilities and not one can be used to take me down. I was wondering… if you're a human then why do you have all these skills? Can it be that you're a reploid like me? If you are then I'll enjoy taking every skill you have!"

Lose Vs. Taskmaster: "I swear, did the guys bring me another reject? Oh my god, you're a waste of time yet you have potential. If you want me to teach you all I know, I'm always up for classes. Only thing is that I don't come cheap. So what are you waiting for? You interested or what?"


1) "Are you sure you're even worth my time?"

2) "I'm called Mega Man for a reason."

Assist Quotes

Assistance: "I need backup now!"

As Assist: "I'm gone!"

Delayed Hyper Combo (1st): "So you need me now huh? Alright!"

Delayed Hyper Combo (2nd): "Time to cut this short!"

Crossover Combination: "Let's make some noise!"

Tagged In: "Ready to rock!"

Team Aerial Combo: "Leave this to me!"

Switch Out: "Time I get myself involved."

Switch Out (Last): "I will finish this!"

Being Called Out

Tron Bonne: "Robert!"

Zero: "Mega!"

Deadpool: "Rockman."

Hulk: "Blue boy!"

Taskmaster: "Blue brat!"

Calling Others

Nemesis: "Freak!"

Phoenix Wright: "Nick!"

Hawkeye: "Clint!"

Iron Man: "Stark!"

Rocket Raccoon: "Rocket!"

Sentinel: "Junk bot!"

Other Quotes

Advancing Guard: "Back off!"

Time's Up (lose): "Geez… this just really isn't my day."

Team Aerial Counter: "Jackass!"

Break Away: "Get the hell off me!"

X-Factor: "Now you've pissed me off!"


Color 1: Regular Colors

Color 2: Proto Man from the Classic Series

Color 3: Bad Box Art Mega Man

Color 4: Captain N Mega Man

Color 5: Bass from Classic Series

Color 6: Ballade from Classic Series

DLC Alt: Ruby-Spears Mega Man

Endings (Note: Mega Man has a total of three different endings. Each ending determines who is in his team)

#1: Demanding Respect (if Mega Man has Zero and Tron Bonne on his team, uses Ending 1 theme)

In one scene, Mega Man is pointing his Mega Buster at someone with a pissed off look on his face. He tells them that he's sick of how his namesake and the series are treated. In addition, he says that due to what they've done, the fans were denied Legends 3. The next scene shows Seth Killian and Ryota Niitsuma of CAPCOM scared shitless. Mega Man tells them if CAPCOM does anything stupid again, there will be consequences. To prove his point, he fires a shot at one of the computers frying it. With his work done, Mega Man, his wife Tron, Zero and the many Blue Bomber iterations head off ready to save the world from evil. Fight on Mega Man… fight on for everlasting peace!

#2: Eternal Bonds (if Mega Man has Tron Bonne on his team, uses Ending 5 theme)

In one scene, Robert along his wife Tron Bonne are taking their infant son Anthony to New Light Park. The two then sit in a bench and talk about how they saved the world from evil as well as the amount of praise they had received because of it. But they know that no matter what, the love they share is eternal. They were ready to share a kiss but the two soon meet Reed and Sue Richards. Reed tells them that due to their heroics, he wants to welcome them into the Future Foundation. The two think about it for a bit and wonder about their duties as parents. Robert thanks Reed for the offer but he refuses because their duties as parents come first. He looks at Tron who agrees as they confess their love for each other and share a passionate kiss. Goes to show that the love they share is eternal.

#3: A New Challenge (if Mega Man does not have Tron Bonne nor Zero on his team, uses Ending 2 theme)

Mega Man is on the tallest building in New Light City pondering over everything he had gone through. Looking back, he remembers the many people he met, the challenges he fought and how he and his allies teamed up to defeat Galactus. Before he heads home, he senses the presence of an opponent revealing to be Ultron. He radios his grandfather telling him that he'll be a bit late and asks if he can watch over his son until his return. Knowing that his wife wouldn't be happy, he takes it to stride. Mega Man looks at Ultron and soon, the two engage in battle. What happens then… nobody knows.

CAPCOM can use the move list if they want but since my Mega Man is part of Mega Man: Reawakened, they need to ask me first for permission. This is after all part of Project: Reawakened.
With permission from :iconhotfeet444:, I've finally developed an updated Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 fan-made move list. Today's topic will be our lovable Blue Bomber, Mega Man. However, this isn't our regular Blue Bomber... this is the Blue Bomber from Reawakened, Robert Light.

Everything about him is here such as his movelist, quotes and endings. I forgot to mention that he has 3 endings and they all depend on if Tron and Zero are in his team. I've worked real hard on this so leave a comment if you can. Thanks.

EDIT: His movelist has been improved with a new move, Lightanium Charge. In addition, he has a DLC Alt and you all would know who it is. Last but not least is that his quotes have changed too as a response to recent DLC Alts and other stuff. Enjoy.
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!increible¡, buen trabajo y me agrada que uno de sus colores alternativos sea el de Ballade
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