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April 12, 2012
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Rob Stallion

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fan-Created Move List

Gender: Male

Series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Stamina: 900,000 Hit Points

Power Ranking (Out of 7)

Intelligence: 5

Strength: 6

Speed: 4

Stamina: 5

Energy Projection: 3

Fighting Ability: 5

As the result of an experiment gone wrong, Robert Light arrives in the town of Ponyville stuck with amnesia. But an encounter with Pinkie Pie and her friends gave the blue colt a motivation to help others. Calling himself Rob Stallion, he is a freelancer that helps anypony in need. But after he regains his memories and saves Equestria from an evil foe, he decides to remain in Ponyville as Equestiria's savior. Rob Stallion has a pet dragon named Ryuujin and carries the "Lost Element of Harmony" named the Element of Will.

Entrance: Rob performs a baseball slide then performs a jumping front flip. He hits the ground getting into a fighting stance.

Entrance Quotes

1) "Another day, another bit. Let's rock and roll!"
2) "If it's my job to give you a butt kicking, then that's exactly what I will do."
3) "I may look blue but don't let that fool you. Get ready!"
4) "What? Never seen a pony fight before? Consider it a first."
5) "I carry the will of my ancestor. I will not let him down!"

Special Entrance Quotes

DLC Alt: "If this is what fighting is, I have no qualms facing you."

Vs. Villains: "You must be stopped! Surrender is the only option you have."

Vs. Firebrand: "Good to see you again old friend. I won't hold back, ya hear?"

Vs. Frank West: "You better hope Photo Finish doesn't find ya. She's still ticked."

Vs. Phoenix Wright: "Can you defend against my willpower? It's trial time."

Vs. Tron Bonne: "You remind me of someone. Have we met?"

Vs. Zero: "I got a bone to pick with you bub. Let's dance!"

Vs. Deadpool: "If Pinkie Pie ever met you, reality would really be cracking up."

Vs. Doctor Strange: "If you plan to have any new pupils, I have one that would gladly be interested in you."

Vs. Ghost Rider: "Penance stare? Please, I've seen a stare that can make anyone cower in fear."

Vs. Nova: "Yeah! You got a problem with that? I'll show you what I can really do."

Vs. Rocket Raccoon: "I ain't holding back Rocket. This time, you're going down!"

Vs. Pinkie Pie: "Get ready Pinkie because this party ain't big enough for the both of us."

Vs. Rainbow Dash: "Savior of Will versus the Sonic Rainboom. Let's see which comes out on top."


Standing Normal Moves

Light: Jab Hoof (25,000)

Medium: Hammer Bonk (46,000)

Heavy: 2x4 Wide Swing (74,000)

Special: Two-Hoof Bull Kick (92,000)

Crouching Normal Moves

Light: Jab Hoof (22,000)

Medium: Ducking Tackle (50,000, can also be used to reach opponents)

Heavy: Rear Hoof Sweep (78,000)

Aerial Normal Moves

Light: Jab Hoof (28,000)

Medium: Back Hoof Kick (55,000)

Heavy: Broom Swing (81,000)

Special: 2x4 Overhead Bash (95,000)

Unique Moves

Rollerblade Kick: Forward + Heavy (pressing Heavy afterwards has him do a jumping attack that causes a wall bounce) (80,000)

Diving Axe: Down + Heavy in mid-air (79,000) (does a ground bounce)

Special Moves

Freelance Toss (Type: Shot, QCF + Attack) (Minimum: 40,000, Maximum: 120,000)

Rob takes out his backpack and launches a random item at his foe. The button pressed determines the distance and the item he throws determines the damage. In rare cases, he can throw a heavy object at his opponent for major damage.

Pony Assault (Type: Direct, DP + Attack) (Light: 56,000, Medium: 84,000, Heavy: 112,000)

Rob races at his opponent delivering a multi-hit hoof attack. The Light version does two hits causing a soft knockdown. The Medium version does three hits causing a hard knockdown. The Heavy version does four hits ending with a wall-bounce. The button pressed also determines the Pony Assault's distance.

Broom Sweep (Type: Direct, QCB + Attack) (Light: 60,000, Medium: 90,000, Heavy: 112,500 + 20,000 for follow-up)

Taking out a broom, Rob does a low sweeping attack that hits off the ground. The button pressed determines the amount of hits and damage. Broom Sweep's heavy version has him sending the opponent airborne allowing a follow-up into an air combo.

Taunt and Strike (Type: Various, Reverse DP + Attack) (Light: 42,000, Medium: 60,000, Heavy: 88,000)

Rob uses his big mouth to taunt his foe. If the foe attacks him, he can respond with a different attack. The Light version lets him counter with a wide swing from a pipe. The medium version lets him go behind the opponent doing a headbutt attack and the heavy version allows him to strike overhead with a sledgehammer causing a ground bounce.

Pony Buster (Type: Shot, QCF + Special) (105,000)

Turning into his alter ego Mega Pony, he fires a powered-up charge shot that deals damage and causes a hard knockdown. It also deals a lot of hit and block stun. This move costs half a meter but the damage is pretty strong.


Alpha (α) – Freelance Toss (Type: Shot, Direction: Front)
Assist HC: Willful Blast

Beta (β) – Broom Sweep (Type Direct, Direction: Tilt Down)
Assist HC: Willful Blast

Gamma (γ) – Taunt and Strike (Type: Various, Direction: Instant)
Assist HC: Willful Blast

Hyper Combos

Willful Blast (Type: Direct, QCF + 2 Attacks, Level 1) (270,000)

Using his Element of Harmony, he glows in a white light and unleashes a beam of concentrated energy. The blast is fired in a straight arc, hits 30 times and deals a great amount of damage. Multiple button presses can boost the damage and double the hits. This hyper can also be done in mid-air.

Freelance Free-for-All (Type: Direct, DP + 2 Attacks, Level 1) (310,000)

Armed with a variety of different tools, Rob uses them as weapons to attack his opponent. The move starts off with Rob racing toward his foe. If it connects, he follows it up with a multi-hit combo using anything he has with him. The hyper ends with Rob doing a spinning attack using a two-sided oar and finishes his foe off with a sledgehammer that is taped with two axes, a spiked bat, a broomstick and a chainsaw sending his opponent flying. It's Rob's strongest Level 1 hyper but the catch is that if it's blocked, he can be in for a beating.

Stallion's Best Friend (Type: Instant, Down twice + 2 Attacks, Level 1)

Rob summons his pet dragon Ryuujin to assist him. The button pressed can determine what Ryuujin can do. Light attack lets it strike with a smack from its tail. Medium attack lets it attack with a dash strike. Heavy attack causes it to swing its tail letting out blue blasts of water. If it's hit up close, it causes a crumple state. Ryuujin lasts for about 10 seconds and afterwards, he withdraws. During this move, he can gain meter.

Harmony Armor (Type: Instant, QCB + 2 Attacks, Level 1)

Rob taps into the Elements of Harmony transforming them into his Harmony Armor. In this form, his offense, defense and speed are boosted, he can recover red health and all his moves are enhanced in terms of damage and range. He also has access to a hover by performing QCB + S that lasts 4 seconds. His Harmony Armor lasts 15 seconds and afterwards, he reverts to normal. Also, if this move is used and he's switched out, his assists also get a boost. The only catch is that in this form, he can't gain meter.

Super Stallion Smackdown (Type: Direct, QCB + 2 Attacks, Level 3) (475,000)

It's a reason why they call Rob Stallion a savior to Equestria. This hyper can only work if Harmony Armor is active. Rob starts things off with a dash attack to the opponent. If the move connects, he continues on with an 8-hit combo and then he sends the opponent flying. Using all seven Elements of Harmony, he unleashes a multi-hit combo that does major damage. The hyper ends with all seven elements striking the opponent at the same time sending the opponent to the ground. The startup of this hyper has a considerable amount of invincibility making it possible to go through other hypers. If the move doesn't connect, Rob can be vulnerable to serious damage.

Victory Poses

Normal: Rob Stallion floats with the help of his Element of Harmony and does a parting salute at the screen. He then flies off for new adventure.

Special: If Pinkie Pie is on his team, Rob gets ready to head out. But Pinkie happily bounces by and glomps him. She then plants a kiss on his cheek as nuzzles him. Rob simply smiles letting off a blush.

Victory Quotes

1) "My work here is done. Time to collect my pay."
2) "Consider yourself kicked… plot kicked. Get it?"
3) "Looks like you're feeling a bit blue. Such a shame."
4) "See? Even a pony like me can kick just as much butt as you."
5) "Never underestimate the power of will."

Special Victory Quotes

DLC Alt: "Hmph. So uncivilized."

Vs. Villains: "I hope my will teaches you fiends the errors of your ways."

Vs. Firebrand: "It was good facing you again. I look forward to our next bout."

Vs. Frank West: "I'll tell Photo Finish that you skipped town. Just hope she don't find ya though."

Vs. Phoenix Wright: "Will is something that can't be judged. It can only be something that is experienced."

Vs. Tron Bonne: "It was a pleasure to meet you. Give your friend my regards."

Vs. Zero: "That was for Mega Man… and his brothers. You deserve nothing more than hate from me."

Vs. Deadpool: "I think we've had enough breaking the fourth wall for one day. Trust me."

Vs. Doctor Strange: "I'll make sure to give her your invitation. She'll learn a lot from you."

Vs. Ghost Rider: "Come on! If you can't outstare me, what makes you think that you can outstare her?"

Vs. Nova: "And now you know… that a pony has what it takes to be part of the Nova Corps."

Vs. Rocket Raccoon: "What's the matter Rocket? Ain't trying hard enough? Let's go again!"

Vs. Pinkie Pie: "Guess you'll be throwing a victory party in my honor right sweetheart?"

Vs. Rainbow Dash: "Stick to making rainbows Dashie. This is where the big colts play."

Taunts – Rob simply stands on his hind hooves and flicks his hair letting off some static electricity.

1) "Did I get hired for something as stupid as this?"
2) "Is this all you got? Come on man!"

Other Quotes

Calling for Assist: "Help me out here will ya?"

As Assist: "Holler!"

1st DHC: "Heavy duty work here!"

2nd DHC: "I'm going overtime!"

Crossover Combination: "This is a team effort here!"

Tagged in: "Let's work!"

Team Aerial Combo: "I'll do my best."

Switch Out: "Guess I got to help."

Switch Out (Last): "I'm all that's left? Fine!"

Advancing Guard: "Easy with that"

Time's Up (lose): "Darn it… there's goes today's pay."

Team Aerial Counter: "Watch it!"

Break Away: "Don't touch me."

X-Factor: "Now you made me mad!"

Being Called Out

Most of the cast: "Stallion!"

Phoenix Wright: "Rob Stallion!"

Hulk: "Blue pony!"

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash: "Robbie!"

Calling Others

Frank West: "Frankie!"

Phoenix Wright: "Wright!"

Rainbow Dash: "Oh Dashie!"

Color Palettes

Color 1: Light blue mane and tail, blue coat (Original)

Color 2: Pink/Magenta mane and tail, light pink coat (Pinkie Pie)

Color 3: White/light blue mane and tail, slate blue coat (Pokey Pierce)

Color 4: Sapphire blue/cerulean mane and tail, white coat (Shining Armor)

Color 5: Light gamboge mane and tail, crimson coat (Big Macintosh)

Color 6: Orange amber mane and tail, brown coat (Little Strongheart and Chief Thunderhooves)

DLC Alt: Black mane and tail, green coat with wings (Arvas Wilstrom)

I hereby give Capcom full rights over the moveset made and they are welcome to use it in any way/shape/form that they desire.
Before I begin, the vector that was used for this was made by my good friend, ~alexandru1208. Check out his page because he does a great job doing vectors.

It's inevitable so why not... Megaman RA got a move list so why not him. Here it is, my movelist for my Pony OC, Rob Stallion. Enjoy.

Rob Stallion belongs to :icondestinydecade:
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:
Marvel vs. Capcom belongs to Marvel and Capcom respectively.
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